5 Tips on how to talk to your daughter about her body?

Recently, I came across a compelling,  well written, and well-intended blog post advising  people NOT to talk to their daughters about their bodies, except to teach them how it works, (like this one).  It was not the first one of it’s kind- the notion that commenting on a young girl’s looks is detrimental to herContinue reading “5 Tips on how to talk to your daughter about her body?”

Feeling Depressed? Don’t know why?

Sometimes people feel depressed and they can easily count the ways in which life is not going their way.  They know why they are depressed and can articulate what led to their recent drop in mood.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that they can pull themselves out of the depression, but at least they are beginningContinue reading “Feeling Depressed? Don’t know why?”